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Thursday, January 04, 2007

My shotgun is back in the locker

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought an inexpensive, (cheap) 12 gauge, over/under shotgun just a week ago. On its first jackrabbit hunting trip it killed one rabbit then turned itself into a single shot with a spare shell carrier in the top barrel.

Yesterday I took it back to the pawn shop where it came from and they graciously returned my money. I looked at a Charles Daly semi-automatic shotgun and offered a deal for it that had to be approved by the boss who wasn't in residence at the time. The boss did call me later in the afternoon and said he could do the deal I offered for the Daly and I promised to be in after work.

Which I did. In the mean time, the friendly proprietor had tinkered with the over/under gun, found a firing pin sticking and had it back in working order before I arrived. So I bought back the double barreled gun.

I did take it home and take it apart- no surprise there, right Kenny? All the metal parts of the action seemed to be in the right places and working freely so I just degreased it a bit then relubed everything with Break-Free and put it back together.

Now I just need to go shoot it and confirm that everything is good.

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